Math in a Minute: Financial Literacy Edition

Volume 3 Issue 27

Kidvice: Personal Finance

Resources by TEKS

Looking for resources for Personal Financial Literacy?  Well here is a document for you!

This PFL resource page gives different resources for each of the TEKS in your grade level. It has videos, games and lessons for you to ensure that your learners become financially literate!

Texas Council of Economics Education

Visit this site to get a full PFL unit that is aligned to the TEKS.  It is grade specific and TEKS specific.

Financial Fitness for Life

This site provides lessons to teach the financial literacy. You can download any visuals or activities that may be needed from this site as well. This also specifies vocabulary that will be covered by that lesson.  

Biz Kids: Young Entrepreneurs

Looking for some examples of young entrepreneurs?  Look no further than BizKids.  This site gives many different examples of entrepreneurship! Click here to play the video.

How far are we in debt?

Have you ever wondered how far the US is in debt?  Here is the National Debt Clock... in real time!  You can rewind back to 1980 and compare our debt to now!
You can also see the Texas Debt Clock as well as the World Debt Clock.

Did I Cover This is Social Studies?

In some of the grade levels, some of the Personal Financial Literacy standards are directly correlated to the Social Studies TEKS for that grade level.  Not all of the standards are covered in Social Studies.  This shows any correlations between Math and Social Studies TEKS. The math standards are on the left and the social studies standards are on the right. **4th and 5th grade do not have any connections.
This document can be found here.

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