zoo by ALEX

The Henry Doorly  Zoo is one of the best zoos in the world.  Some people  say  it's the best zoo in  the best zoo in the world.  It is located in Omaha, Nebraska. Thousands of people visit the Henry Doorly Zoo every year.  People from all over the United States come to the Henry Doorly Zoo!

I really love te Suzanne and Walter Scott Aquarium because it's awesome and you can see sharks, penguins, and all kinds of fish.  The shark tunnel has a glass roof and walls so the fish can swim from one side to the other.

The sting rays and manta rays act like underwater airplanes. Their triangular shaped bodies are like wings. If you get tired of looking at the exhibits there's a rug like a giant iPad on the floor that you can stomp on it. When you stomp on it you can get the computer fish to run away. It's super fun! the  aquarium is an awesome place to visit.

One of the best things to do at the zoo is ride the train.  The train engines are steam engines.  One is number 395 and it was built in 1890 in Austria.  It was used in World War I.  This engine was given to the zoo in 1974.  The other engine is number 119 and it was built in 1968 in the United States.  Riding the train is fun!  You can get to see giraffes, zebras, rhinos and lots of different animals from the train.

The zoo has a diet kitchen and nutrition lab to make food for the animals.  It takes a lot of food to keep the animals healthy.  For example, the diet kitchen prepares 2,500 pounds of meat and 1,200 pounds of bananas every week. The big cats are carnivoires and eat raw beef.  They only eat 5 days a week. Two days a week they fast which means they don't eat on those days.  The dieticians at the zoo Study diets to keep every animal healthy.

The Henry Doorly Zoo is an awesome place to go. You can see lots of animals, ride the train, and be happy that the animals are healthy. I like the Henry Doorly Zoo!