Week 16: ThingLink

ThingLink is a free, web-based that allows users to create and share interactive images. Teachers and students can add content to any image, including photos, video, audio, web links, polls, text, and more.

In my example below, I took a screenshot (using JING!) of my Office 365 OneDrive for Business window. I uploaded it into ThingLink and then added tags for all of the important "places" on the window. Take a minute to hover over the tags. You will find text explanations as well as images and a even a couple of embedded videos!

Click here to view the ThingLink full screen.

Getting Started

  1. Create a FREE ThingLink account.
  2. Click Create to begin your first ThingLink.
  3. Select a Picture (upload from your computer, import it from Facebook or Flickr, or select a picture from a website.)
  4. Click anywhere on your picture to start tagging. You can add text or include a URL. Add a link to a YouTube video, and the video will even be embedded into your ThingLink.
  5. When you're finished, click Share to post it online, get a link, or grab the embed code to add it to your webpage or a newsletter like this one!

Check out this very informative ThingLink tutorial ...

Classroom Applications and Examples

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