Augusto the boss

My friends

Friends are a part of life that you never forget and this are mine and much more. :) We play all the time soccer watch soccer games together and best of all get to be together. Almost every Sunday we go to the country club and hang out. We pass a great time together. Not just us it is all the people we see!


Pizza is so delicious! I want to eat it all day! That's the food that half the world likes and I'm sure part of it! Nobody can say no to a piece of pizza. My dad always takes me to this pizza place call El Tomate. It is really good.

Messi was all the time my inspiration for playing soccer. From the first time I saw a soccer game I wanted to play it. It was also a very famous sport in Bolivia and Argentina the two places I lived in. He plays in Barcelona one of my favorite teams so I enjoy when he plays. Soccer is my favorite sporet and I know it!

I like being a goal keeper while playing soccer I like to see my friends reactions when I do amazing saves. My inspiration was seeing this video with very good saves. I try to do my best and at this rate I may be one of them one day! I sure hope so!

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