Glenn Kriczky: An Avid Sports

If you were to ask Glenn Kriczky what his favorite sport today, it will more than likely be different if you ask him the same question a few months from now. For Kriczky, there is no better sport than the one that is in season. During the summer it is all about baseball. The fall brings American football, which is followed closely by the winter months of basketball. To Glenn Kriczky, they are all his favorites.

Glenn Kriczky will admit that part of he reason why he loves sports too much is due to his understanding of overcoming challenges in order to gain victory. As a prominent figure in the business world, Kriczky holds himself to the highest standards of excellence within in industry. Committed to his work, there have been a wide variety of obstacles that have stood in his way. Much like his idols on the sports field, Glenn Kriczky has been able to overcome those challenges faced.

A competitive leader in business, Glenn Kriczky loves to watch other competitors go head to head in a battle to become victorious. Though all sports and teams are fun to watch, Kriczky would admit that it’s the Philadelphia teams that mean the most to him. In football it’s the Philadelphia Eagles; baseball it is none other that the Phillies. There is only one exception to the love of Philadelphia sports teams and that is in basketball. Glenn Kriczky will always be a Chicago Bulls fan. Kriczky will say that he was amazed with the play of one of the all time great of the National Basketball Association, Michael Jordan. Kriczky believes that the play of Jordan was on another level and the confidence that he played with set a standard for all competitors to have.

To Glenn Kriczky, sports bring out the best in people. If you want to know what great lengths people will reach too, places them in a high stakes game and see that person thrive. Kriczky knows that many will reach their full potential in moments like that in sports and in the business world.

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