The Odessy

by Homer

The Odyssey is a book about a man named Odysseus who was part of the Trojan War and once it was over he started to sail back to Ithaca. Sadly, he was lost at sea for over 20 years because he had angered Poseidon and could only come home after years of trouble and return to a home in chaos. However, Ithaca needed a leader and his wife Penelope needed to marry but she wouldn't marry till their son Telemachus was fully grown. Once Odysseus arrived they drove off the suitors. But Odysseus needed Poseidon to forgive him so he had to go on another adventure for Poseidon to forgive him so he could live in peace. Setting takes place in The Trojan War Times and locations were Ithaca and deep sea. Characters are Greek Gods, Odysseus, Penelope and, Telemachus.

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