1984 Propaganda

In 1994, both love and sex are a threat to the Party. For them, the two are unpredictable and carnal, so the party tries their best to suppress love and sex through the Junior Anti-Sex League. For the design, I chose the phrase "Don't do it " for two reasons: one, they find sex to be disgusting, so I'd assume they would try to minimize the use of the word as much as possible. Two, the Party is doing more than just preventing sex. They are trying keep hold of the youth by controlling their feelings and keeping them "pure". "It" is more than sex; "it" is emotion the government is trying to exchange for control. As for the actual drawing, I chose to put a girl since it is implied by Julia that women are targeted more often than men when it came to chastity. She wears the red sash of the Junior Anti-Sex League, and she. Has no arms because of how the Party is trying to control the youth through the League.

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