Snow Leopards

Large Cats


Snow Leopard are smaller than other big cats. They weight is 27 to 55 kg, but large male reaching 75 kg and small female of under 25 kg. Their body are 75 to 130 cm, but tail are 80 to 100 cm. Snow leopards have long, thick fur, and they have smoky gray fur.

Here is a video of Snow Leopards cubs.


Snow Leopards eat rabbits, marmotsand other small mammals.They hunting at night.


Snow leopards are under protection. They can't roar.


Snow leopards born 3-5 cubs. Snow leopards do not live in the wild for more than 15-18 years. In captivity, they have lived in for 21 years old.

And here is video of Snow Leopard's best friend.

Snow Leopards range map.

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