The Glass Castle
By: Sydnie Everette


Responsibility: This was one theme because Jeannette and her siblings mostly all of their life had to fend for themselves. As they got older they took in a lot of the responsibility of what their parents should have taken care of. All their life they had to do what most adults did when they were just little kids.

Trust: Most of Jeannette's life she saw the imperfections of her parents but still trusted they would do what was right. She would defend her dad all the time and trusted everything he did was for the glass castle. Even when he would hurt the other family members emotions or put them in dangerous situations. Although as she got older she realized it would never happen. She still loved and cared for her dad the same and knew he cared about the family too.


Introduction: The narrator was younger and told about all the harsh things she went through as a young child. Including how she for burned by cooking hot dogs at the age of 3 and them always doing the "skedaddle."

Rising Action: As she got older she started to see all the problems her family faced with living and why her family didn't have any money. She mostly blamed it on all the booze and cigarettes her dad bought and how her mom was too lazy to get up and get a job. She was finally seeing what was going on in the world.

Climax: Jeannette ended up getting a job and tried supporting for the family as much as she could. While Lori was getting ready to graduate and soon moved to New York. Jeannette soon followed because she was also tired of living with her parents. Then Brian and Maureen followed after that and so did their parent.

Falling Action: Things in New York were great and then got rough once their parents moved their. Their parents became homeless, her father ended up dying, and Maureen became crazy and stabbed their mom. But Jeanette got a college degree and got married. Lori got a job and her own place, and Brian joined the police force. Their mom got to run a building for the homeless to live, and Maureen Moved to California and became somewhat sane.

Resolution: The family ended up becoming closer than before even after all they had been through including their fathers death.


Jeanette: The main character of the story. She would take the care and responsibility of her family a lot when she was younger and even when she got older. When she was younger she would stand up for her dad when he messed up because she always believed in him, but as she got older she started to see he didn't care about his family but only about himself.  

Dad: He always seemed to be drunk and spending the family's money on beer and cigarettes. He never gave the family a nice place to live until the grandmother died and they had the right to her old house, but he managed to mess that up too. He also had to move them around so much because he couldn't save enough money and pay a house payment. He was more worried about beer and cigarettes than his family.

Mom: She would never want to have any type of job to help the family with money. Instead she thought her art career would take off. She would never stand up to the dad who was most of the family's issues and hardly ever cared if her kids were hurt or starving. She would even get angry at random times and throw tantrums and blame the kids for all of her problems.


This is where Lori ended up moving after she graduated from high school then Jeannette soon followed. Then once things got worse back home for Brian and Maureen they had them move there with them too. After that their parents moved there too and soon became homeless. Jeannette Soon moved into a apartment with her boyfriend and they soon got married. After she went to college and got her degrees she ended up getting a divorce and met a new man and married him. Maureen went crazy and was drinking and doing drugs and ended up in prison for stabbing her mom then soon after moved to California. Brian joined the police force and their dad soon died of a heart attack.

Where they lived when she was about 7 years old. They lived in a little shack by the train tracks. She was really rough outside with all the other kids and was almost raped by a boy named Billy. Then a while later Billy showed up with a bee bee gun and tried to shoot them in their house. Jeanette got her fathers gun and shot at him then once the police got involved they had to do the Skedaddle once again.

This is where they had no where else to go but their dads mothers house. Jeanette and her siblings did not like being their because their grandma was a very hard headed woman and did not treat them very well. She almost molested Brian and when Jeanette and Lori tried to help him they got in trouble. So they were eventually banned from their grandmas house and had to move again.

This is where they moved once their grandma smith died and their mom got her house. So they lived there and it was one of the only nice places they really actually lived. But they soon had warn down the house and run out of money and options so they had to move again. Their dad also said they needed to leave so he could get one step ahead for the glass castle.

This was when they lived in a motel right beside the casinos and their dad would win a bunch of money from gambling. They were also able to eat pretty good for awhile but once someone found out their dads tricks they had to do the skedaddle.  

Important Quotes:

An important quote in the book was when their mother was toasting to their father at the dinner table and said "life with your father was never boring." This was an important quote because it showed that even though they had a crazy life they still had many adventures and their life was never boring.

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