Malcom At Midnight

Summary: Malcom, room 11's class pet rat, wants to fit in with the Academy for pets in the school. The head of the Academy, Aggy the iguana, trusts him. There's one bunny that isn't so sure about Malcom; Honey Bunny. When Aggy goes missing, Honey Bunny suspects Malcom, and Malcom suspects Honey Bunny! Malcom  thinks that Snip the cat, that is always roaming around the school, is working with Honey Bunny to help her with her evil plans. Honey Bunny thinks it's the other way around. Read this book to find out what happens to Aggy and who is helping Snip.

Main Characters:

  • Malcom
  • Honey Bunny
  • Aggy
  • Snip

What I liked:

  • that it was a mystery
  • that the animals could talk
  • that it had a touch of romance

What the author did to make the story interesting:

  • that Malcom could communicate with the kids using a dictionary
  • that someone went missing
  • the author hooked me in the beginning of the story

How did I connect to the story:

  • I have been blamed for doing something bad just like Malcom
  • I have had a class pet before just like the kids in room 11
  • I have blamed someone of doing something just like Honey Bunny

Why should somebody else read this book:

  • If you like mysteries you might like this book
  • If you like fiction stories you might like this book
  • It gives you definitions of words in the book where the words are  

The name of the author:

Brian Lies

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