Final Performance

Video of the hydraulic Crane on iPad #7

Entry #4

The construction of the Hydraulic Crane was finally completed. After all the constructing, preparing, and overall cooperation, we managed to create a hydraulic system that will be able to function accordingly. The task of 'The Crane' was to carry heavy loads and to move them to their designated locations. This crane had to be able to move up and down, and also side to side to be able to perform the task.

How The Crane Functions:

The Crane has 4 syringes; 2 syringes will be attached to the crane and 2 will not be. The 2 syringes that are not attached to the model will be where we control the crane. When we want to move the crane up and down we take one of the syringes (call it syringe A) and push the syringe inward to apply pressure through the water making the top syringe move up also causing the crane to move up, this performs the task of lifting up the heavy loads. To make the crane move down, we do the opposite and pull on the syringe making the same effect happen throughout, performing the task of placing the heavy loads back on the ground. The same thing happens to make the crane move side to side, we take the second syringe (syringe B) and we push on the syringe to turn- this helps move the load in a specific location and then pull on the syringe to return back to it's original position.