NOROVIRUS by: Ben Nichols

An image of the actual norovirus, what it looks like in your body.

Norovirus is found commonly in produce, shellfish, and ready to eat foods. Make sure to clean and thoroughly cook all food before consumption.

How Norovirus can spread.

The incubation period for Norovirus is 12-48 Hours. You more times than not will have no clue you have it during the incubation period.

The image is stating that Norovirus causes diarrhea which cannot be controlled.

When you start to feel the symptoms that means incubation is over and the illness itself will start to set in. You will experience diarrhea, vomiting, stomach cramps, and nausea.

This just shows some of the symptoms caused by Norovirus

The average time length of illness is 2-3 days, for a healthy adult. For young children, hospitalized patients and elderly symptoms tend to last  4-6 days rather than 2-3 for a healthy adult.

Norovirus attacks America

This video shows how the norovirus began to infest Americans.

When sick make sure to wash hands, clothing, and sheets regularly. DO NOT under any circumstances serve food to other people or allow other people contact with you as to not spread the disease any further.

People get norovirus from shellfish, produce, and other ready to eat foods that have been handled in unhealthy conditions.

Even though Norovirus is not extremely harmful, it is about the equivalent to the common cold, but for your stomach. It is still not something to mess with. After touching anything that seems unsanitary, especially after leaving a bathroom, wash your hands thoroughly to ensure you do not get Norovirus.

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