Fair or no fair?

Are the rules in Utopia really necessary?
You tell me.

Rules In Jonas's society

If you read the giver you will noticed that the Book of Rules is so much different then the Laws in our world some which aren't really necessary. I say this because most rules don't make any sense. For example the rule that you're only allowed to have one boy and one girl isn't really fair. Why cant you have as many babies as you want? That may be answered by the elders how made the rules.

Not all rules are fair to because most of them aren't fair. For example did you know if a bay doesn't grow as fast as the other kids they get released from their community. That's not fair for the kids because they cant help on how fat they grow. They're are also consequence if you don't follow the rules. The biggest one is getting released. When someone is released they get assigned to another community. To me not all consequences are fair. One of the consequences that isn't fair is that you get smacked if you miss a word as a kid. Some kids has a lisps. Someone how doesn't like the rules they can ask to change it but its not really possible. It would take many years deepening on what it is. So hearing all about the rules of the society tell me what you think.

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