World War I

Cause of the War

One cause to World War I was the murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. He was the Austria-Hungarian Prince. #RIP

Weaponry and Technology

The weaponry during World War I grew. Planes, tanks, bombs, and different types of guns were used during World war I. Germany did whatever they could to get there hands on all different types of weaponry. Germany wanted power, and a strong military. #militarism

A British false tree, a type of disguised observation post used by both sides. This is new technology that was used in the war. #new

Soldier Life

Dead soldiers after a day of fighting. Millions of soldiers died during this war. It was a bloody and depressing war. #gruesome

A soldier writing to his family back at home. The life of a soldier was depressing and lonely. Soldiers don't get to see their families for long periods of time. #sad

Civilian Life

Red Cross volunteers. Plenty of women helped out by taking care of soldiers if they are injured during the war. #caring

Before the war, men worked in factories. When the war began, women started to take their place and do the work men used to do in those factories. Women got paid very low even though they did the same amount of work as men did. Women also joined the army to be nurses. #nationalism

Impact of the War

There were 16 million deaths and 20 million wounded in World War I. This war affected many people #neverforget

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