Pop Up Dog Park - Memphis

Creatively Using Negative Space

The Barking Lot

I was in Memphis last weekend speaking to the Tennessee Municipal League.  As I explored Memphis via the trolley that runs from the Convention Center to downtown, I came across this little dog park.  

The lot is only about 20 feet across and appeared to be a former building site as evinced by the wall next to it.  At the TML conference I got to meet Memphis Mayor A C Wharton and he explained that the former building had become derelict and had to be torn down.  Rather than let this odd sized lot sit empty and ugly the city decided to make this little pop up dog park.

Kudos to the Mayor and the City for making something simple like this happen.  It is an example of a low cost, high impact (and easily removable) love note.  If this land is ever needed again for some higher use, it would be easy enough to take down the dog park and hopefully pop it up somewhere else that needs a good, temporary fix.  Now they just need to get some more dog owners living downtown!