Things I Like


I like reading stories on Wattpad. Wattpad is a reading site that also allows people to chat with friends, comment on the books, share stories and submit them in in the website's award contests. Books made on the website can also be published into real books. It is also free and it has a variety of stories. I mostly read fan fictions and humor stories that are fully completed. With Wattpad, I can read all the stories I want in the palm of my hand, because it is also an app for phones and tablets.


I like piano music and the song, "A River Flows In You," by Yiruma. It has a nice sound. I like many other genres of music too, but piano music is soothing and nice to listen too.

South Korea

I like South Korea and want to go there because I like their music and they have good food. It also seems very advanced technologically. They have good TV shows and comic books. The clothes there is very fashionable too. At some point in my life I would like to live there.

Peter Pan

I really like the movies, play, and book,"Peter Pan." It shows a lot of imagination and I feel that it would be fun to never grow up. It teaches many lessons and the  plot is great. Wendy, her brothers, and Peter Pan's adventures with the Lost Boys, Tinkerbell, and Captain Hook are fun for all ages to watch and read.


Batman is my favorite superhero because he has a cool cape, and his bat mobile is awesome. I also like how he isn't one of those superheroes that says they,"work alone." He has Robin. I also like that he doesn't really have super powers (besides strength) and relies on gadgets.


Converse is my favorite shoe brand because they are colorful, comfortable, stylish, and they were made in Vietnam. The star logo on the high tops are cool too. I also like them because they were part of a title of a song that I like.


I like turtles of all kinds. Cartoon ones are cute, real ones are cool, and colorful ones that are painted or real are pretty and nice to look at.

Wong Fu Productions

Wong Fu Productions is my favorite YouTube channel. They make cool, fun, and emotional videos. It is made up of 3 main people; Philip Wang, Wesley Chan, and Ted Fu. They started making Wong Fu videos in 2003 and from then on they started getting subscribers and millions of views. On June 3,2015 they released their first feature film,  Everything Before Us.


BTS aka Bangtan Boys and Bulletproof Boys

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