Ayah Dibas

When I entered UTA I thought it was a hotel because of how clean it was, and I also thought it was going to be a fun trip. I enjoyed the lunch because it was a very good time to meet people and I was very hungry especially after that science show. I hated the science show because all I heard was just chatter. I mean I really liked what they did , but I hated how they kept on talking . I also hated how they kept on wasting time like when they kept on talking because we didn't get to tour the UTA . I would strongly recommend to pick field trips on sunny days because children will be bored out. I would also like if they'd give out prizes like when people answered correctly it would encourage other people who don't want to answer. I would also recommend if the UTA would let students eat and sit on the blue chairs because who knows who walked on the floor. also make everyone pick after themselves. Also tell students to clean after themselves. I mean yes and no because I don't like where its located because its a cheap area and there are many criminals.Yes, because I love the way its layed  out it looks very luxurious . I also like it because its affordable for people compared to other colleges . Another reason they offer many activities like engineering or a doctor for example. I also would apply for the UTA because most of my family went to the UTA and they said it was very good and it was fun. I would also apply because they have over 300 things to choose from. I mean come on who would want to miss this opportunity. In the future I'd love to meet the UTA.

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