Costs of the war (results)
Chris Grela P.8 May 20

World War I was a devastating war that costed all together 186.3 billion dollars. The United States spent about 27 billion dollars, Britain spent 47 billion dollars, France spent about 24 billion dollars, Russia spent about 22 billion dollars, Italy spent about 12 billion dollars, Germany spent about 37 billion dollars, Austria-Hungary spent about 21 billion dollars, Canada spent about 1.6 billion dollars, Australia spent about 1.4 billion dollars and Turkey also spent around 1.4 billion dollars. These are the countries that spent the most money during World War I.

The number of soldiers who died during World War I is about 10 million. World War I also costed the lives of 7 million civilians. There were 20 million wounded leaving it one of the bloodiest conflicts in all of human history. The total number of civilian and military casualties was over 37 million.

During World War I weapons and tanks were valued at high prices. The average weapon used by a soldier would cost around $200. Tanks ranged from about $5,000 to $20,000. The machine gun was priced around $200-$5,000.

Interesting Facts: Nearly 2/3 of military deaths were in battle. In previous conflicts many of the deaths were from disease. About 2o million people died during World War I.