American Soldiers during Revolutionary War

The underdogs shock the world by taking it to the British with their home grown non professional soldiers, who had little supplies, little training, and little if any experience.

American soldiers back in the revolutionary war were nothing like the ones now. These people were not actual soldiers. All of these soldiers were farmers, carpenters, or merchants. They had no clue how to fight in actual war. They knew how to fire guns and that was about it. The training consisted of very basic battle training, they were basically taught to form a line and fire at the enemy. Not only were they ill trained they were ill supplied. It was hard to supply soldiers with rifles, muskets, food, ammo, or uniforms. They were so low on ammo at some points they were sometimes told not to shoot until they saw the white in their eyes. The only advantage these soldiers had was they knew the land, they had heart, and they were fighting for more then the British. They did the best with what they had.

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