Genetics Disorders

A Genetic disorder is the result of a change in the letters that make up a type of gene in a persons DNA.

Sickle cell disease:  is a severe hereditary form of anemia (lack of blood).

Sickle cell disease is an inherited trait that is caused by a mutation in the gene.

Sickle cell disease will impact an individuals life because their red blood cells will start to develop a  crescent shape, and you will soon have a hard time breathing.

To cure the Sickle cell disease, you will have to have Blood and morrow stem cell transplants. Your doctor may try to treat this disease by giving you pain pills to try and make this disease easier on your body.

Environmental Disorders

An Environmental disorder are diseases that can be directly from the environment.

Black Lung Disease:  is and illness in which coal miners lungs become full of coal dust.

Black Lung disease is caused by inhaling coal dust.

Black Lung disease will impact an individuals life because it makes it hard for a person to breathe and to where it becomes painful.

There is no known cure for Black lung disease. There is no specific treatment for Black lung disease.

Lifestyle Choices Disorders

Lifestyle Choices disorders are diseases that you have produced in your body by the choices you've made to do to your body.

Hypertension: is non-normal high blood pressure.

Hypertension is caused by your arteries having elevated blood pressure.

Having Hypertension's can impact an individuals body to have a large chance in having strokes or damaging your brain blood vessels.

To cure Hypertension you can try to loose weight by going on diets. Your doctor may give you many types of prescriptions to try and treat this.