Student Collaboration in Persuasive Writing

What is the pedagogical problem you are trying to solve?

Meaningful student collaboration in an asynchronous environment

What is the context of the lesson?

Peer editing of persuasive essays on student-chosen topics

What are you asking your students to do?

Evaluate their own essays for where they would like feedback.  Write up an explanation of it. Post a copy of the essay along with the question on a Voice Thread.

Read the essays of the other students in your group. Before you start, read his/her question. As you read, analyze the essay based on the area that the student has asked for help on.  Then, respond to your  group members' questions on their Voice Threads being sure to give specific feedback only on that one area. It can be audio, video, text....

Each student will review their feedback and then make essay revisions.

All students will post their essays on a class blog. All students will give a reader response to the essays from a different group.

How will you assess the learning?

As the focus of this part of the unit is the collaboration, parts of it would be based on completion, but there would be specific guidelines given for the feedback in each section.