Summer 2014

economy project

I drank alot of coffee this summer of course. It relaxes me and keeps me awake. I liked to get some at Starbucks to take to work with me. Jerry Springer and Bridal Plasty were my past time. Four days a week I work at Dhing's, a Thai restaurant down town. I'm a waitress and I love my job. Some nights I liked to have bon fires with my friends and we cooked everything on it. Including a  frozen pizza. I went to Indy Pride with some friends, where we took alot of pictures. I went to two concert festivals. There were over 20 bands at Warped Tour and maybe 10 at Mayhem. You might have heard of Korn, Avenged Sevenfold, Suicide Silence (we met them) or The Ready Set, which are a few of the bands I got to see. Ice - T  was there too. The last week of summer break i went on a roadtrip with my grandma to Michigan, where i sat on the beach and went to the outlet mall to shop for school clothes.

I watched Jerry Springer religiously. It was just something to do before work.
i worked a lot. I work at Dhing's Thai Philipine Cuisine. I'm a waitress :)
I had a few get togethers with my friends and we sat around the fire and cooked
Indy Pride Fest with my friends <3
Mayhem Fest. Suicide Silence's autograph <3
Warped Tour 2014
Roadtrip to Michigain

I didn't do a whole lot this summer because i worked most of the time. I enjoyed relaxing and not having to go to school. I tried to go out and do fun things when I could if I wasn't at work. I love my job so i had some fun working with the rest of the Dhing's staff.

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