Road Trip Project

                                                  By:Cassidee Marlow

First we go from Brecksville, Ohio to Chicago but on the way we stop at Cedar Point.                                                                                                            

Next we are going from Chicago, IL to Las Vegas, Nevada but we decide on the way we want to stop and see the amazing view of the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

That was so cool! Now we get to go from Las Vegas, Nevada to Los Angeles, CA! We want to go see some Disney characters so we're  going to stop at Disneyland!

That was fun! Well now we are going to go from Los Angeles, CA to NYC, NY but on the way we want to check out the famous HOLLYWOOD sign!

That was a once and a lifetime experience! Wow! Let's hit the road.
Now that we have been in NYC, we get to head back to Brecksville. Also there is 1 more thing  to see, the Empire State Building! Lets Go!

Wow! That was a great Road Trip! I thought going to Cedar Point, seeing the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, going to DisneyLand, looking at the HOLLYWOOD sign, and checking out the Empire State Building was astonishing!

This is my Road Trip!
By:Cassidee Marlow<3

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