the insane asylum

lose your mind

come to the insane abandoned asylum. Many years ago this asylum kept the most disturbed people locked up and hidden from the world. But there was one special patient one different from the rest.The patient from room 36  She didn't talk, didn't scream,didnt fight the doctors,didn't do anything. She would just stare . She would look around the room like she saw something others didn't. She would barely eat and almost never sleep . The only noise she would ever make is humming a song it was always the same song and no one knew what it was called . Then one day they went to her room and she was gone.... and on the wall written in blood were the words i'll be back and then ill show you how crazy I really am. After that day things were never the same doctors would start acting different. Slowly each doctor would quit until there was nothing left. All the patients slowly died. The owner came back one day with papers to sell the house and he said when he went in he could hear the same song she would hum to herself. He hasn't gone back since And ever since then the asylum has been haunted.

  • opens at 7 pm closes at midnight
  • admission 15$
  • no kids under 7 aloud to go in  

for more info just call 781-443-6787

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this is the only known picture of the girl from room 36

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