Linking Cans, Cylinders, & Rational Equations

The Folgers coffee company is creating a can to market their coffee. They are concerned with Going Green in their production as well as being cost efficient. They are using recycled aluminum and need it to hold 135 cubic inches of coffee grounds. The top and bottom of the can is made with a thicker aluminum that cost 6 cents per square inch, while the sides are manufactured with a thinner grade that costs 4 cents per square inch.

PART 2: We were told to pick a product and investigate how the dimensions of our product fit the minimum cost model we created in part 1. We also were told to explain why there may be differences between our results and the actual product itself.

We used the Lysol wipes as our cylindrical product.

The above videos are videos that we used to help us solve the problems we needed to solve.

this video is helpful with solving rational equations, which we had to do. We didn't really need a video to solve them, although this is a really helpful video is someone was to need help solving rational equations.

Group members: zaynah, Cinthia, & Kendall

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