By Mariana salsamendi

  • 1. Who was she? Who were her parents?
  • 2. From what part of her father`s body did she sprung? What did Metis do to make this happen?
  • 3. Who was Athena`s constant companion? What did she do with him?
  • 4. Who was Arachne? What did she do to Athena?
  • Answers
  • 1- Athena, the goddess of wisdom and military victory, and also the patron of the city of Athens ,her parents where Zeus and Metis.
  • 2- Hesiod notes in his Theogony that she was the first true wife of Zeus . When Metis fell pregnant, her parents told Zeus that their child would have bravery and wisdom to rival his own, provoking Zeus to transform Metis into a fly and swallow her in order to prevent the birth of such a powerful, possibly threatening, child.Zeus took this warning to heart. When he next saw Metis he flattered her and put her at her ease. Then with Metis off guard Zeus suddenly opened his mouth and swallowed her. This was the end of Metis but, possibly the beginning of Zeus's wisdom.
  • 3- Athena is very often pictured with Nike the winged goddess of victory. Most of the stories are about people who offended her and how she punished them. You could write about them on an adventure before they became enemies.
  • 4-ARAKHNE was an arrogant girl from the Greek town of Kolophon in Lydia who once dared challenge the goddess Athena to a contest in weaving In the match Athena portrayed the gods seated in glory upon high thrones, while Arakhne represented them in the guise of animals chasing after mortal girls. Athena was furious at her impiety and beat the girl with her shuttle, driving Arakhne to hang herself in despair. The goddess then transformed her into a spider.

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