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Utilizing Apps in the Classroom

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Description: Journal Jar is a simple app that provides random writing topics for students by simply "shaking" the jar.

How I Could Use it: This would be a great free-writing activity for English Language Learners. Writing is often a difficult and dreaded task for many students, including Native English Speakers. Incorporating free-writing into lessons is an excellent strategy to have students practice and become comfortable writing. The use of this App would save time for me as a teacher as I would not have to think of random, yet fun topics for students to write about. As well, students will enjoy having the opportunity to write in a fun and less formal setting. The randomization of topic will certainly stir interest and engage students into an activity that is often dreaded or avoided by students.

Find It: You can find this app at:

Talking Tom and Ben News Reporters

Description: Create dialogue between news anchors Tom and Ben.

How I Could Use it: I would use this App in teaching Social Studies. This would be a fun and motivating way to get students to collect, collaborate and report on current events. It provides a medium for students to express news in a new and creative format while teaching and updating their peers as to national and global events. I would have students work in pairs as a means of providing opportunities for them to work cooperatively, to learn from work another and build off of others' ideas.

In utilizing this app, students will also have the opportunity to utilize their writing skills. I could use this with my ESL student to have them practice their writing skills, grammar and vocabulary.

Find It: You can find this app at:


Description: Students can create stories by using ready-made cartoons.

How I Could Use it: This App could be used in conjunction with a listening activity for English Language Learners. After listening to a short story, students would be guided through the listening activity with questions, as well as through discussion with a partner and the class. The purpose of the activity would be to listen for meaning. After spending time listening and reconstruction, the Post-Listening activity could be to create the story in their own words and use the app to "re-enact" it.

Find it: The app can be found at:

Stop Watch +

Description: Provide a literal Stop Watch for students.

How I Could Use it: The intent behind utilizing this app is for Classroom Management and to help ensure that classroom and teaching time is used effectively. By providing a Stop Watch for activities, I am providing and organizational tool and reference point for students as they complete tasks. For example, if I ask students to work collaborative or discuss a topic for few minutes and report back, they are more likely to stay on task and remain focused for the entire time if they can easily see and evaluate how much time is left to complete the activity.

Find It: Stop Watch + can be found at


Description: Through the use of satellite individuals can see the literal view of places around the world.

How I Could Use it: This app can be used in Social Studies to literally explore and see different parts of the world. In studying different historical events or cultures, students, I would have students look up relevant areas in order to help them connect to the material and provide a visual reference for them.

Find It: Click on this link to find Google Earth:

GeoMaster Plus

Description: This iPad App is an interactive map that helps students practice and learn where different countries, capitals, landmarks, geographical features and even flags. By tapping on specific areas, students can learn about those areas when presented with fact-sheets. Activities get increasingly difficult as students progress.

How I Could Use it: I would use this pp in Social Studies as an additional resource to support Universal Design for Learning. In addition to learning about various geographical locations and related info, students could use this app to reinforce learning and provide opportunities for practice other than maps and works

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