Matt Ludwick

The impact of television in diplomatic, economic, political, and social on American culture is One it allowed the public to know whats going on at the time. Two allowed the to watch political debates. Three could see what USA TV producer though of Russians. Fourth president would come on and talk about the problems and the money they needed to raise for the effort.

The social impact left on American by televisions is what the perfect family should be like."Television's idea of a perfect family was a briefcase-toting professional father who left daily for work, and a pearls-wearing, nurturing housewife who raised their mischievous boys and obedient girls."(social web4). Also what s in style or what everyone should have."General Motors Corp., which had introduced the concept of planned obsolescence in the 1920s, spawned the idea of dynamic obsolescence. Consumers were encouraged to replace their cars annually, simply to make sure they remained in style."(social web2)

The political impact left on Americans is like campaign ads for president/ or government."Dwight Eisenhower's campaign staff generated sound bites — short, powerful statements from a candidate — rather than air an entire speech."(political web4). Even political speeches instead of having to go to were the president doing the speech."Richard Nixon was both helped and hindered TV. His televised CHECKERS SPEECH (Checkers was his dog) successfully appealed to the public for support when financial scandals threatened to boot him from the Republican ticket. But in the 1960 televised presidential debates against John F. Kennedy, Nixon came off as sweaty and somewhat sinister."(political web4)

The diplomatic impact left on American Culture like with other countries and trying to keep them free. "The alternative to violence is nonviolent resistance. This method was made famous in our generation by Mohandas K. Gandhi, who used it to free India from the domination of the British empire."(diplomatic web16)Or when something the government was deciding on blocking Cuba."Kennedy decided to place a naval blockade, or a ring of ships, around Cuba. The aim of this "quarantine," as he called it, was to prevent the Soviets from bringing in more military supplies. He demanded the removal of the missiles already there and the destruction of the sites. On October 22, President Kennedy spoke to the nation about the crisis in a televised address."(diplomatic web24).

The economic impact on American pop culture is like when the government told the public there plan on how they'd send military and economical relief. "This is not just a jungle war, but a struggle for freedom on every front of human activity. Our military and economic assistance to South Vietnam and Laos in particular has the purpose of helping these countries to repel aggression and strengthen their independence."(economic web37) Also the commercial ads that popped up to sell product. "With more and more American families owning televisions, manufacturers now had a new way to sell their products, and the TELEVISION COMMERCIAL was born. By late 1948, over 900 companies had bought television broadcast time for advertising."(economic web4).

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