Mireya, Maria, Maneasha, and Anza

Do Music Classes Improve Academic Grades?

          In many schools, these extra curricular classes, such as art and music, are usually the first to be taken out. Some schools don’t not have enough money to support these extra curricular classes. We would like to prove to them that music is just as important as math or history. Since not everyone in our school has music class we would want everyone to have music class and to show them the advantages we could have if we had more music classes. Therefore we sent out a survey to see if the grades of the students' improved if they took music classes.

After sending out the survey, we were shocked with our answers.

        As seen on the the graph above, the students that had taken music classes have a higher grade in ELA than those who have not taken the music classes. You are more likely to have a better score in ELA if you have taken music classes before or still do.

        This is the same graph as the top one, but this graph does not have the 2 outliers. The numbers on the y- axis does not reach 1000 but it reaches 400. The residual increased when the two outliers were taken out. Even though the outliers were taken out, you can still see that if you take music classes, your grades will increase in ELA.

        This graph shows the days of music classes taken and the math grades. According to the graph, people who have taken music classes are more likely to have a better score in math than those that do not take music classes. This information is shown on the graph.

        This is the same graph as the one above. As you can see, it does not have the 2 outliers. When these two outliers were taken out, the residuals increased. The number of days goes up until 400 instead of 1,000. The line of best fit shows how the grades are affected by the number of music classes taken.

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