Geometry around us

By: Mason Craven

1.) What is the total of the interior angles?

2.) If the shadow of the building is 450 feet long and a person standing beside it who is 5 feet tall has a 6.5 foot shadow how tall is the building? (round to the nearest whole number)

3.) What is the measure of x?(round to nearest tenth)

4.) If the side lengths of the boxes are 5 feet and the bottom and top are 3/10's that length how many white boxes would there be to go 21 feet if you start on a black box?

5.) What does this sign in math mean?

6.) If line a and line b are parallel and angle two equals 50 degrees, what does angle one equal?

7.) What is it called when you have two angles that add up to 180 degrees?

8.) What type of angles are these two interior angles?

9.) Find the scale factor then find x.

10.) If the two roller coaster cars are 200 feet apart and traveling at 60 miles per hour how long was it between when they left the station?(round to the nearest hundreth)


1.) 900 degrees

2.) 585 feet

3.) 74.8

4.) 7 white boxes

5.) and

6.) 130 degrees

7.) supplementary angles

8.) Alternate interior angles

9.) (scale factor 2.5) x=4

10.) 2.27 seconds

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