By: Caleb Micajah Nichols


Taiwan has two major landforms named Yü Shan or the Jade Mountain which is 13,113 ft tall and Hsüeh Shan  is 12,743 ft tall. There are four major bodies of water Taiwan Strait, East China Sea, South China Sea, and the Philippine Sea. There capital is Taipei located north of Hsüeh Shan. They have hot , humid summers that average on 80 degrees fahrenheit. Only 1/4  of Taiwan can be farmed and they farm bamboo, bananas, beetle nuts, citrus fruits, corn, peanuts, pears, pineapples, sugar cane, sweet  potatoes, and tea.the area of the island is about 13,902 mi^2


Taiwanese people worship a variety of Taoist and Buddhist and speak northern Chinese (Mandarin). they celebrate New years, founding day of the Republic of China, Chinese new year and many more. There are approximately 23,166,000 people living in Taiwan.a yuan is Taiwan's money and is 16 cents in us dollars. 80% of people work in a urban area.


Taiwan has been in some wars such as the Chinese civil war when China became communist from Mao ZeDong's rule over China, but they never really took part of this war because they became Taiwanese when they fled to Taiwan. Since then the have not been in any other wars and not made allies with anyone, but they trade with China, The U.S.A, and Japan.


Ever since Taiwan started to create technology they have changed drastically in economy and society from being very agricultural to very industrial. They are the largest creators computer equipment and electronics. My countries technology is a building block to many other technologies around the world allowing others to create what they are famous for or to create a new technological wonder.


They have a currency named after a branch of government called yuan and it is only worth about 16 cents in us dollars. They have on of the strongest economies in Asia also they heavily rely on imports to them. The us was constantly helping Taiwan out in economy and military.

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