World War II

This is Adolf Hitler right after he got voted for chancellor.

How did the Native Americans help the US in World War II?

The Native Americans helped the US in many ways during World War II.  They were pilots, bayonet fighters, code talkers, marksman, scouters, and patrollers.  Most of them were drafted between the ages of 21 and 44.     

This is a picture of Native American code talkers.

When did World War II begin and end? Why?

World War II began in 1939 and ended September 2nd 1945.  It began because Adolf Hitler would attack countries for no reason.  It ended because we bombed Japan twice and so many people died that they surrendered.

This is a picture of the bombing of Japan, Nagasaki which caused the ending of WWII when Japan surrendered.

What year did Adolf Hitler start Jewish concentration camps and Hitler youth camps? Why?

In 1935 Adolf Hitler started concentration camps because he blamed the Jews for most of Germany's problems.  They were also an easy target because people already didn't like the Jews that much.  In the 1920s Adolf Hitler started youth camps where kids would go and learn about Hitler.  Germany started Hitler youth camps because they would target the Hitler youth as a special audience for their propaganda messages.    

This is a Hitler youth camp where young kids would learn about Hitler.

How does World War II impact our lives today?  What lessons did we learn?

It impacts up today because if Adolf Hitler would have won World War II we would still be fighting the Nazis or we would be apart of Germany because Hitler would have overrun the US.  We learned that leaders have so much power that they can make their citizens believe what they want them to believe or they kill them.      


Youth camps-

Picture of Youth camp-

Native Americans in WWII-

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Picture of Native American code talkers-

Picture of the bomb on Nagasaki-

Picture of Adolf Hitler-

The Men who raised the flag-

Picture of the raising of the flag-

Mark Strank, Harlon Block, Franklin Sousley, Rene Gagnon, John Bradley, and Ira Hayes where the men who raised the flag at Iwa Jima.

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