Yu-gi-oh Card Game

By: Max

If you want a fun card game to play,then Yu-gi-oh is the game for you! In my paper, you will find out how to build a good deck, how to play, and some different monsters!

A Good Deck

To play you have have enough cards.To get cards you can go to ToysRus, Target,Walmart,and your local card store! In your deck, you should have 40-60 cards and 30 monsters, 12 trap, and 18 spell.

How to Play

To play you start out by drawing 5 cards and placing 1 level 4 or less monster in defense or attack position. You may also put down 5 or less spell/trap cards. You draw once per turn. To tribute you have to send 1 or more monsters to the graveyard.To attack,your monsters attack has to be higher than your opponent's monster's attack to destroy it. You have to do damage to your opponent directly of how much damage your monster did more than the other monster. You have 4000 or 8000 life points.

Some Different Monsters

There are 5 different kinds of monsters. There are Ritual,Fusion,Xyz,Synchro,and regular monsters. I will list two of each kind: Xyz, Starleage palymondo,Number 20: Gigabrillant. Ritual: Charka, Lycanthorope. Fusion: 5 Headed Dragon, Ultimate blue eyes white dragon. Synchro, Black Winged Dragon, Goyo Guardian, and Azure Eyes Silver Dragon. For normal, Blue Eyes White Dragon, Slifer The Sky Dragon. Those are all the monsters. Here is a quote from Yu-gi-oh.com. "I like Synchro monsters better because they are summoned easier." So basically, Synchro monsters are easier to summon. To Xyz summon a monster you use 2-3 of the same level cards. To Synchro summon you have to have a tuner and a non-tuner monster. To fusion summon you have to have the correct monsters and polymerization to fuse them together. To Ritual summon you have to have a ritual summoning card and you have to normally tribute to summon them.

Here are all the god cards

*Winged Dragon of Ra

*Obelisk The Tormenter

*Slifer The Sky Dragon

Well Yu-gi-oh can be fun if you take care of your cards and follow the rules. Have fun dueling!