European Explorers

I stared at the antique hangings on the way to the throne. This would be my only chance to live the world, and get out of England. Suddenly I heard a loud voice telling me that I was allowed to enter the throne room. I slowly walked in my hands trembling and my stomach filled with butterflies. I walked up to the throne and curtsied deeply to the king. until he told me to rise and asked me why I was in his humble castle. I slowly rose, this was the big moment.

" Dear King Charles the IV, I have a proposal that will make you rich beyond belief , if you allow me these resources I will be able to make England even wealthier than Spain and all the other countries in Europe." Your greatness will be shone through all the land when I come back from my trip to the new world." " I would come back arms laden with plants, lumber, and mineral resources. Such as gold and granite. The plants can be used for medicines and ailments to help cure the sick in our country." " If you helped fund my trip the lumber could be used for intricate buildings so that England would have its wood artists prepared for anything." " Gold can be used to replenish the treasury and let it have room to grow, bringing twice the amount I would have used for my trip."

." When I leave,"I told the king in an earnest voice, " in 1625, I will make sure that I have done everything in my power to solve any problems in advance, your greatness." " If you provide me with a crew, I will provide for the problems of hunger by preserving the food with salt, and serving beverages that do not spoil easily." " Such as, cans of juice or wine." " If I run into the problem of not having sailors that have sailing experience, I would recommend a group of sailors, and have back up sailors." Even if you provide me with a group of people that do not have the skills to survive in the wilderness, I would still be able to bring glory to England." " If you provide me with two groups of men, the first group of people can learn the harsh conditions of the new world while living there, the second group can be sent later on to learn the ways of America through the first group."


"If you provide me with the proper team and amount of money I will deal with the natives and other Europeans properly." " If I ever set across the natives I will offer to barter with them to gain food and trinkets." If I come across the Europeans I will try to avoid any conflict and not interact with them."

"Since I know what the other Europeans are trying to gain, land, gold, trade, I would be able to get to  it before them, giving another reason why I should be allowed a crew and gold." " Since Spain and France our rivals of ours I could try to get the resources before them." I would choose to go to the coastal plains because the area is heavily wooded and could provide things of value through trading with the natives. " I would also need to find out how far I needed to reach to get gold and granite."

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