The Effect of Local Breeze on Heat

Stage 2

By Vincent Jacobsen

Sustainable homes contribute greatly to comfort in the tropics. Some great ways to accomplish this are to look at your house orientation and shading, ventilation, building materials and colors and outdoor rooms.

Things you can do for the houses orientation and shading are having the shortest walls outside your house facing the sun. This means that you should have the longer ends of your house facing east to west to cut short the amount of your house exposed to the morning and afternoon sun light and heat. The living area should be towards the north and the bedrooms to the south. This is so the bedrooms can cool down in the afternoon for a good night sleep. Another way is to extend the eaves on your house a little further and build verandas and plant plants on your window sills and walls to create more shade and prevent heat building up.

Some ideas to fix the ventilation could be to design less and shorter hallways and internal walls should be kept two a low number to allow cross ventilation. Their should be at least two windows or doors in every room positioned to be able to catch gusts of wind from the south east and north east. Another clever thing to do is make sure you have a high celling.

Some good things for building materials and colors are  to use materials that cool down fast at night and will protect concrete walls. The paint used on the house and the roof itself should all be light colors and the roof and walls should definitely. Be insulated  to protect the house and us from heat.

Some good ways to do outdoor rooms are to make them whether proof, well-ventilated and located centrally because they are often the most and best used rooms. Also courtyard spaces within the home create useable space and encourage breezes.

Solar panels are a great investment. The two most common types of hot water systems are solar and electric. The biggest difference between these are that solar once you've got solar panels is completely free and electric takes up most of your electricity bill. Therefor the most sustainable would be solar however their is a limit to how much energy you can have with solar because the panels can only take so much in at a certain speed were as the electric you can take as much as you like but the cost will keep going up.

In conclusion all these things help sustain our environment by allowing us to use less created energy such as electricity from the grids energy from power plants etc. Because of this we use less created energy which protects our environment without sacrificing our comfort.

In my house I have included insulation, the windows are generally larger or their are more of them in each room, the windows and doors are facing north east,  have installed solar panels on the roof and I have upgraded the lightning appliances and hot water equipment. All of these things help make and keep this house sustainable and Eco-friendly.





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