"I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it"

(Matt. 16:18, ESV)

If I told you that there was an opportunity to invest in a 100% guaranteed, moneymaking endeavor, how much would you invest? Or if you had the absolute winning hand in a poker match and it is your bet, how many chips would you push into the pot? I would wager that the answer to both of these questions for most of you is everything. Why not give all you have when you already know the outcome?

In Providence, we talked last Sunday about the Church in our “ONE” series. Pastor Kort emphasized that our allegiance ought to be first and foremost to Christ and our efforts focused on His Church. We are all about simplicity at Providence, especially when it comes to pouring our time, talents, and treasures into guaranteed winning strategies. Christ outlines our strategy as a church:

  1. Serve and Love Me [Christ]
  2. Serve and Love My Church

When we commit all of our efforts into these two commands, we know that no effort returns as wasted or meaningless because we have a promise from the only promise maker who never breaks his promise! This is the amazing assurance that Jesus Christ gives to his blood bought bride, The Church, according to his Gospel. So those of you saints who are committed to a local body of believers…Christ is giving us this promise and guarantee! We are lucky enough to have been invited to join in one of the only sure-bets in all of creation; the Church of Jesus Christ will prevail! This week ask yourself what you are doing to love Christ and His Church well. If your answer falls under anything less than everything I would challenge you to consider moving your investments of time, talents, and treasures into the guaranteed winning investment of The Church.