The Bahamas

By: Hunter J Berggren

The Bahamas is an island country consisting of over 700 islands, cays, and islets that is located to the southeast of Florida and just north of Cuba.

The Bahamas have a wonderful climate. The temperature, on average, sits around 84 degrees. That, mixed with almost continuous sun makes for busy beaches.

Andy Murray celebrates his Wimbledon win at the Bahamas.

And people get married on them too.

The average water temperature in the Bahamas sits right above 78 degrees, making everyone want to get in the water.

Some awesome submarine thingys.

Knee board swag.

Swimming with the... pigs?

Do to its location, the Bahamas rarely get hurricanes. They typically get around 55 inches of precipitation per year and an average of 4.5 inches per month

Rain, rain, go away...

Come again another day...

Or nah?


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