The best trip ever           By:Jonathan                                                    Anderson

I was at the creation museum and I sat on a rock and I was taken up to this beautiful perfect place with streets of gold and gates made of pearls it was heaven. I looked and saw God I asked what he was doing he said making planet earth. I stayed there and talked to him and saw him do a lot of amazing things I didn't know were possible. I easily adapted to my surroundings because I had nothing to worry about since everything was perfect I was in heaven.

I kept asking questions and looking around wondering if I was dreaming but it seemed so real.It looked exactly how it was described in the bible. I asked God if I could walk around and see what heaven was like he said I could and he even had one of his angels give me a tour.Once I finished the tour and saw what an amazing place this was , I wanted to stay here forever.

I had to find out if it was really real so I walked up to God and asked him if it was he said it was and I could stay here forever ,or I could go back to earth and resume my regular life. It took me a while to decide because I missed my family and friends but I also didn't want to leave this perfect place. I asked God what would happen if I stayed here he said everything would happen the same except you wouldn't have been born so you would lose all memory of any family or friends or anything that has happened before .Then I asked what would happen if I go back to earth he said everything would go back to normal but you would not remember what happened up here in heaven you won't remember anything that happened today besides the parts that happened on earth.

So I spent the next few hours wondering what I should do but after three hours of thinking I finally decided to go back to earth and live with my family and all my friends I was going to miss heaven but I didn't want to leave all the people I care about. I thanked God for letting me visit heaven and see what it was like but I told him I wanted to go back. So I asked him to send me back and he did. I closed my eyes and when I opened them back up I was back at the museum with all my family and friends and I didn't remember anything that happened.

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