Types of Storage

Magnetic Storage:

This is your external/internal hard drive.  It stores bites of information in tiny packages that are ready by the hard drive which spins to read it at a very fast rate.  The read/write heads do not touch the discs.  

Cost: About $.05-$.10 per gigabite

Optical Storage:

This is your CD/DVDs.  The discs hold a long line of code stored in bumps that translate to 1s or 0s.  The laser in a CD player read these bumps to interpret the code.

Cost: About $.02-$.04 per gigabite

Flash Storage:

This is something like a memory stick or USB drive and it is very confusing in how it works. It has something to do with electrons and electricity and it is non-volitle meaning it can maintain the memory without power.  It is fast and portable and this is why it is a preferred method to a CD/DVD storage.

Cost: Between $2-$5 per gigabite  

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