ocean     ecosystem

Biotic factors:


yellow tang fish

black fish

striped fish



turf algae

Abiotic factors:

ocean water(29.5F-86F)




carrying capacity definition-The largest number of individuals of one species that an environment can support.

Yellow tang fish feed on turf algae & marine plant materials.They also provide cleaner services to marine turtles by removing algae from there shells.Because of the high amounts of algae the yellow tang fish will grow in population.

limiting   factors

definition: a factor that restricts the size of a population from reaching it's full potential.

The limiting factors in my ecosystem is competition for food, sunlight, over fishing & polution.

Humans are the predators and the yellow tang fish the prey.Humans fish for these petty yellow tangs.Limiting factors have a lot to do with this predator/prey relationship because over fishing is a limiting factor.

Energy Roles

producer: an organism that makes its own food

Producers receive energy from the sun , which is very important in an ecosystem because everything depends on the producers.

example: algae, coral

consumer: an organism that doesn't produce its own food & consume other organisms.

consumers receive energy from producers or other consumers depending on if they are herbivores,carnivores or both organisms.

Example: yellow tang,black fish,sea turtle,crab,squid,zoo plankton

Decomposer: an organism that breaks down died or decaying organisms

decomposers get there food from died animals or decaying animals then give back nutrients to the environment.

Example:fungi ,crab, nematodes

Food webs are better than food chains in my ecosystem because food chains only show a single path through the food web.While a food web shows many different paths.  

If the whole shark population died then sea turtle ,and squid population would grow out of control.

A energy pyramid is shaped in a pyramid because the energy its less and less as you work your way to the top.

Producers are at the bottom level because the energy level is very high at the bottom and there are many more producers than consumers in the ocean.The top consumers are at the top because the energy levels are lower and there are less consumers than producers.


The 3 things that are needed for photosynthesis is water, carbon dioxide & sunlight(shown below).Oxygen is what is produced in photosynthesis.The chemical formula for photosynthesis is shown above in the picture.

the turning of all or part of an organism in a particular direction in response to an external stimulus.

An example of a tropism in my environment is lobe coral.

(wwaaaayyy back at the top of my tackk)

This sea turtle is eating this coral but also many fish hide in the coral reefs.This tropism helps the environment survive by protecting the small fish from the larger one and giving some organisms something to eat.

role of decomposers

Decomposers are vital in my environment because without them the sea floor would be filled with dead fish.If there were dead fish all over the sea floor then producers wouldn't be able to produce and the whole ecosystem would collapse.Some decomposers in my ecosystem are fungi,crab & nematodes


The importance of having adaptations is so that an organism can survive in an environment.

The 3 different types of adaptations are behavioral, (how an organism acts Ex. bear hibernating) physiological (things that don't show on the outside Ex. contents of the blood) & structural

(appearance through structural adaptations Ex. To protect them from wildfires trees may have corky bark)  

Clown fish have adapted to their en enviornment by being able to go into a special coral without being "stung".This benifits for the coral because it will eat the fish that come in that are not clown fish.But it also helps the clown fish because it has a safe place to hide.

If the this coral went to a different part of the ocean then it would have to adapt and find a different food source.

natural selection

Natural selection is the gradual process which heritable biological traits become either more/less common in a population.

Natural selection is important in my ecosystem because only the best fish will survive and that means for future generations it will be easier for them to survive too.

The horseshoe crab has been naturally selected from my ecosystem.The population of crab changed in my ecosystem because many people have over-harvest the species.As you see in the chart above the population has dropped a lot from 1999-2000 because of the harvesting.


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