Humanity at Its Worst

The Holocaust.

The Holocaust was not just hate or injustice, but showing how evil the human race is. Jews, mental and physical disabled peoples lives thrown into a long everlasting life of  death, as if they where nothing but a grain of dirt. Children striped from there mothers knowing that they mite not ever see them again.

Death Marches

Death Marches where where prisoners of war walked till they could not walk any more and were then left to die as they fell to the ground. Women, children, and families walked to there death because of there religion, there likes and dislikes, and because they where disabled.

The Nazis stared the Death Matches for 1 main purpose. They needed to evacuate the concentration camps. The purpose for evacuation was because Reichsfuehrer SS did not want the prisoners to fall into enemy hands alive and tell them about the stores of the camps. SS also thought that he could keep the the Jews, and use them to make peace with the west and use them like a bargain. At that point in time they used trains planes and boats to evacuate but where soon shut down by opposing forces. people where then forced to walk to evacuate.

In this picture you can see in this death march a lot of people died because they where to tired to walk, and local families are digging graves for them. Many people think about the camps but a lot of deaths where cause because of  death marches.  sisters picked up siblings and waked with them in there arms just so they could give others a chance.

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