Session 1

In Session 1, we identified the advantages and disadvantages of using robots, labeled the parts of the robot we are using, and programmed that robot to move two spheres to different positions.

Session 2

In Session 2, we worked more on the task SAM would be performing, and saved this task, so we can use it later on.

Session 3

In Session 3, we made several programs for an NXT robot and helped perfect it to perform simple tasks.

Session 4

In Session 4,we worked with the ultrasonic sensor of the NXT Robot.

Session 5

In Session 5, we learned how the sound sensor functions, and what it can be used for.

Session 6

In Session 6, we added the light sensor to the list of sensors and made a program featuring what it does.

Session 7

In Session 7, we combined all of the sensors we learned in the previous sessions to make a program that would do multiple things like sort different colored objects.

Investigating Careers

Car Manufacturing

This is an example of robots and humans working together, and in this case, they are pumping out cars at a very fast rate. This is a job that would have to do with robots in almost every aspect of the course.

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