Whatcha Serchin?

Safe surfing tips for all y'all

Topic #1

Be cautious

  • There are millions and millions of people out there who use the internet for school ,work ,or just for entertainment. But while the internet is helpful it is unsafe. People will try and take information from you or try and get the code into your computer through the internet using adds, games, or free things.

Topic #2

Protect Yourself

  • Never join any form of social network or download something without your parents permission. Some things like that can put a bug in your computer and cause it to have problems, let people access your privat information, even take money from you. Its important your parents check before you join or download something off the internet.

Topic #3

Dont do it!!!!

  • If a website ever asks for information like credit card numbers, or your name, or any other extremely personal information its a red flag not to enter in the information. Its probably made to get that information and use it for bad things.

Topic #4

You can't Un-see it

  • When online be careful when searching on images. People will post bad things and they might come up when searching.  Always be cautious when searching for pictures.

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