Gupta Empire

India's Golden Age

Information on Gupta Empire

The Gupta Empire was built around 400 A.D. The last big dynasty that came from China was the Han Dynasty in 400 B.C. and eventually with Gupta's decline came the Harsha Empire in 600 B.C.

Contributions of Gupta Empire

One of the huge contributions that the Gupta Empire gave to present day is Math. They created some things like Arabic numerals ex: (1, 2, 3.....) These are the numbers that we use now and will pretty much everyday.  They also created the concept of zero and the Decimal system. Without zero we would be lost and they created that we need a number for none or nothing. After they created zero, they created the decimal system.

This empire was not very big but i did give one of the greatest contributions to the world and present day that one of the other empires could not. What they lacked in size they made up for ideas and a new way of learning.

Decimal System created by Gupta Empire

Map of Gupta Empire

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