New Zealand Standards of Quality

The country of New Zealand maintains high standards of quality for their businesses, which are implemented through the Consumer Guarantees Act. Below is a description of those standards, as provided by

“Goods must be of acceptable quality

From 17 June 2014, a separate guarantee of acceptable quality applies to electricity and gas retailers.

The Act says goods are of acceptable quality when they:

  • are acceptable in appearance and finish
  • do not have any small faults
  • are fit for all the purposes that the goods are normally used for
  • are safe to use
  • are durable.
  • ‘Reasonable consumer’ test determines what is acceptable

The test of acceptable quality is based on whether a reasonable consumer, if they were fully aware of any hidden faults, would find the goods acceptable.

A ‘reasonable consumer’ would not find the following goods to be of acceptable quality:

a new shirt with a mark on the back (not acceptable in appearance and finish)

a faulty on/off light on a new TV (has a minor fault)

a new toaster that only toasts on one side (is not fit for its normal purpose).

a crack in the carbon frame of a six month old mountain bike (is unsafe).

washing machine that fails after a year of normal use (is not durable).”

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