A  Very  Important  Announcement

Everyday, amazing, beautiful, important cats are ignored.

Like this one:

Stop the Neglect

Cats are people, too.

Why do you think people has the word cat in it?

This is Mittens

Mitten's only dream was to, "shake what her momma gave her."

So she posted a video of her dancing online.

Her bootylicious wiggle dance was ignored.


Here's Whiskers

Whisker's was born without a body.

Or four legs.

Just two.

Despite this, Whiskers wanted to have fun, like every other cat.

But, guess what?

She was ignored.

Stop the hate.

Keyboard Cat

Lastly, we have "Keyboard Cat."

But does nobody know his real name?

(It's Chuckie)


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2 years ago

Hahahahaha!!! Great job!