Birth Control

Fabiola Najera

Every year women take a pill and that pill is a birth control pill. Birth control pills are taken to prevent pregancy at any given time. Birth Control has negative effects that  can cause a women to completly lose all her eggs and can cause abortion in early pregancy.

Birth control can cause abortion on early pregancy's and many women don't even know that they are preganant, becuase it all happens so fast.Women most commonly get operated and with this operation causes women to stop the sperm from entering the fallopian tubes and thins the lining of the uterus. The operation causes women to evuantally completely stop all fertalization of eggs, which casuses women to have that early abortion becuase of the stopping of fertalization.

Birth control doesn't only have negative effects on the human body but also on the enviorment which is causing pollution due to lots of pills. The pills have so many chemicals that it is harming the enviorment. Many people will not accept the fact that the pill is a polutant ,because it is also harming people on inside. The time will come when a women will want to be pregnant and will not be able to becuase all of thier eggs will be killed.

Birth control in my opnion is something that should be sold at all becuase it casues so many harms in so many ways inside your body and outside in the enviorment that you should just completely stop selling them in all stores.