Catcher in the Rye Reading Log
Kate Formico

Chapters 1 & 2

Quote: "Partly because I have a lousy vocabulary and partly because I act quite young formy age sometimes" (Salinger 9).

Chapters 3 & 4

"[Ackley] hardly went anywhere... He was one of these very, very tall, round-shouldered guys- he was about six four- with lousy teeth. The whole time he roomed next to me, I never even once saw him brush his teeth" (Salinger 19). This shows the emerging theme of community and how some people are isolated from the community. In this case, Ackley is the one being isolated from the community, since he is different the anybody else. Holden does not like Ackley since he does not brush his teeth and is very annoying to be around. This shows the theme of commuity because it shows the kind of people that are being isolated from community. The quote also shows why people are isolated from community since people judge others on what they look like.

Chapters 5 & 6

After Stradlater got back from his date with Jane, he was very clandestine on whag happened during thd date. Holden says that he does not like to go i to Ackley's room because it contains an ancrid smell. While Stradlater was at the football game, Holden was very quiescent when he sat in his room alone. After Stradlater mentioned that he was going on a date with Jane, Holden ruminated on all the old memories he had with Jane. Stradlater is a very nocturnal person since he was upset when Jane only singed out until 9:30 at night and he wanted to stay out all night.

Chapters 7-13

Ch. 7: Why does Holden care so much about what happened with Stradlater's date with Jane?

Ch. 8: Why did Holden lie about his name to Ernest Morrow's mom and make up fake stories about Ernest?

Ch. 9: Why is Holden in the mood to have company with him, even if the company is the taxi driver who he has to pay?

Ch. 10: Holden keeps talking about how much he loves his sister, so why doesn't he just go home and see her? Holden says he doesn't want to go see his parents, but he is going to have to see them eventually and they will be mad whether he goes home today or wednesday, so why doesn't he just go home?

Ch. 11: If Holden loved Jane so much then why didn't he ask her what was wrong when the tear dropped on the checkers board?

Ch. 12: Why does Holden care so much about where the ducks go in the winter time?

Ch. 13: Holden seems like he is all talk and wouldn't do anything he says he would, like going and confronting the guy who stole his gloves and then hitting him. Do you think that he pretends he can do crazy things, but when the time comes he won't actually do it?

John Green's Main Points

- Holden wants to stop time so he can stay innocence and be a kid forever. Holden is scared about being an adult, so he tries to ask people if he will be alright when he is an adult, but he can never seem to ask them the question.

- Holden ones not want to becomes an adult to because the only adult that ever paid attention to him had ulterior motivates. Holden wants to stop time so that he and the people he loves will never have to be adults.

- Holden uses a passive voice in order to create distance from the reader. This technique, however, makes it easier for the reader to sympathize with him.

Chapters 14-17

14: If Holden was scared, why wouldn't he just give Sunny the extra $5? Holden always talked about how he had a lot of money, so what would an extra $5 be.

15: Why did Holden put his bags in a locker at the station and not just leave them in his hotel room?

16: Why did the kid singing the song make Holden feel better?

17: Why does everything Holden sees depress him? Even if he liked what he is looking at, he still says he feels depressed.