Decision Making

What does decision making entail?

Decision making steps:

1. Identify the problem.

2. List the alternatives.

3. Determine the pro's and con's.

4. Make the best decision.

5. Evaluate your decision.

Why are the decisions you make now so important?

Every decision that we make results in our life either in a positive or negative way. That is why we always need to be cautious when we make decisions. Whenever we make these decisions we also need to consider all possible consequences.

What affects the decision that we make?

Our decisions are affected by multiple factors such as our current situation, external factors such as people around us or pressure and our own opinions.

It's important that we make our own decisions because we will have a better acceptance of our own thought and even if it is a bad decision we can always learn from our mistakes.

How does making a good decision, empower a person?

Good decisions always result in positive results, which puts us in a great situation. Good decisions make us feel proud of ourselves and boost our self esteem, which empowers us and gives us confidence for future decisions.

Personal experience

Freshman year I was wondering if I should enroll into AP classes. After considering all my options and attending an AP class, I decided that the AP program would be the best for me. I would say it was a great decision because I have learned so much from my AP classes, which allow me to do independent work and make me rely on myself about everything. They have helped to shape my thought process as well as my academic choices.

Advice on Decision Making

My advice when making a decision would be that you should consider every option and evaluate what's best for you. Also to be always confident and believe in yourself. Even if you make bad decisions, try to turn them into something positive and learn from them.

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