trying my first dose of bee pollen

After finding out my white blood cell count is still very very low after chemo/radiation last year I've been looking for supplements to boost both it and my immunity. I stumbled on bee pollen and spent a couple of days researching the benefits of using it as a supplement.

It is apparently a fad diet trend, but we won't go into that. I stumbled across a lot of folk medicine and natural food  sites touting the benefits.

I also found a lot of sites saying that the folk medicine sites were probably wrong.

All of the sites agree that it's wicked good nutritionally so what the hell! Giving it a shot. Of course like all good things there is the slight chance of death.

So, I just took my first capsule and now I'm typing this waiting to see if my throat will close up and I'll stop breathing. I really hope not.

Assuming I'm alive I'll slowly up my dose until I'm at the recommended three a day. Then we'll see how I feel in a month. Hopefully great and ready to re-order.

This is my supplier:

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